Affordable Health Care – Protect Yourself and Your Family Before it is Too Late!

What would you do if your child ended up needing to go to the doctor, but you could not take him because you don’t have the money or insurance to go? Would this be a tragedy and would you be able to live with yourself? What if you had affordable health care and could actually get the medical attention you need and your family needs? This could change your life for the better and you need to read on to learn more.First, you should know that if you do not have insurance and something happens to you or one of your children there are going to be consequences. You will end up either not being able to get the medical attention you need, which could be fatal, or you will end up getting treated and running up such large bills that you will never get them paid off in this life time. Medical procedures are not cheap and you need to know that they can really make you struggle.Second, you can avoid all of this with affordable health care and it is out there if you look hard enough. You can get as many quotes as you need for free right online and this will make life much easier for you. You can compare and save money by shopping for affordable health care online and getting quotes from multiple companies on different levels of coverage for you and for your family.Last, if you do anything for your family other than put a roof over their head and food on the table it needs to be providing health insurance for them. This will guarantee that they are protected and that you are going to be safe and sound with them. This will make prescriptions cheaper and doctor visit might even be free. At least you need to make sure your family is protected in the case of an emergency.

Health Care Guide 101: Differentiating Medical Coding And Billing Programs

If you are interested in joining the healthcare industry but do not have the necessary financial funds to cover your tuition fee or are still waiting for your medical license, then you might be interested in taking up some medical coding and billing programs being offered online. These alternative programs are excellent for medical professionals who want to jumpstart their career in the medical field.Medical Coders and Medical Billers – Are they the same?In a typical health care setting, patients who receive treatments from their physicians would receive a detailed document of what treatments they have received as well as the total amount they need to pay the hospital. Those who document the treatment are called medical coders and at the same time they may be the billers as well; however, their job descriptions are different. This is the reason some schools issue separate certifications for the two programs.Medical CodersMedical coders’ main job description would include identifying the patient’s treatments, verifying the test(s) done, understanding the physician’s notes as well as requesting for other tests. Once these are done, the coders will then segregate and assign codes to the report and provide the medical biller the said information. Medical coders must have a deep understanding of the human anatomy and the materials that doctors used in performing the procedure. Medical coders who have finished their programs will usually find themselves in hospitals, private clinics, nursing care homes as well as other health care agencies. Medical coders are currently in demand especially in the US. Job growth is projected at 21% with an entry career salary of $21,000 up depending on the person’s education, skills and credentials.Medical BillersThe medical biller will check for the insurance policy of the patient as to whether it applies or not, understand the coding guidelines, checking for compliance as well as doing follow up for claims and collect total and accurate amounts from the patient. Medical billers undergo exams with regards to insurance types, billing regulations, reimbursement, billing and coding. Samples of exams would include knowing the HIPAA guidelines and Healthcare Reform Acts. Medical billers must also be knowledgeable in terms of using the right insurance claim forms, understanding the government health programs and understanding common medical billing errors that result to rejection of claims.Medical billers who have obtained their certifications would expect to earn $32,000 annually and can also find job prospects in most healthcare agencies, private health sectors as well as government medical agencies.

Health Care Bill Expands Direct Student Loan Program

The extensive health care legislation that’s been in the news for a year or longer was voted upon and passed a short while ago. The final bill looks as if it will be signed soon. A rather surprising addition to the legislation is that the federal government direct student loan program will be substantially expanded.The direct student loan program has been fought by student loan organizations ever since this was first unveiled in the Clinton administration. These loan providers have utilized a small army of lobbyists to influence Congress to cut the government out of making student loans direct to college students and require these types of loans to go through the loan corporations.It has been definitively confirmed that the costs for the government are much lower if education loans are made directly to college students. The difference is substantial, and this is part of the explanation these two seemingly disparate measures have been put together. That is, as a way to pay for the health care bill, a savings of around $60 billion U.S. is actually projected for cutting out the student loan corporations. Put simply, the federal authorities have been giving away billions of dollars to education loan firms over the years. Most of the leading executives in these kinds of companies have consequently become rich. What many of us are unmindful of is that these corporations are actually preying upon lots of student borrowers in order to get their hands on this income.A person might ask, if the authorities could save taxpayers billions of dollars on wasted spending, precisely why wouldn’t they do this on basic principle? Why does this legislation have to be attached to the health care legislation in order to realize these cost savings? The answer is that the lobbyists talked about before who have been engaged by the education loan firms have been extremely effective. It seems that simply by providing a small campaign contribution to our elected officials, in many instances Republicans, and throwing in a few minor incentives like excursions to exotic destinations or maybe a job for a family member, the Congress will bend to wishes of the student loan corporations. They’ll allow tens of billions of dollars to be steered from U.S. taxpayers and merely handed to these corporations.And what could be the major reason for carrying on with on this wasteful path? The answer is that it will preserve jobs. In other words they will take income from some people just so they can give it to other people. And if a few billion is skimmed from here or there along the way, who cares? It is a little like the military services airplane program that was mentioned during the budget debate last year. Some high-priced airplane costing billions of dollars is actually being made for the military services, but they have publicly reported that they’ve got no mission for the airplane and really do not want it. They’ve asked for the program to be ended since it takes away resources that can be utilized efficiently in other places. So what do our congressional leaders do? They keep constructing these useless planes for the reason that it will save “jobs”. A job that isn’t producing anything of use and that exists only because congress is extorting money from taxpayers isn’t a real job. It is a government giveaway package. It benefits absolutely no one but the individual receiving the income and the member of congress whose district or perhaps state the airplane manufacturing plant exists in, because the people who are the recipients of these bogus salaries keep voting for him or her.And so in any case the direct student loan program will certainly grow dramatically shortly, and the student loan providers will certainly hire more lobbyists to once again try to have it reversed as they have done previously. In the meantime some student loan borrowers will avoid becoming captives of the student loan firms and will not end up being preyed upon. However, there are countless ex-borrowers who’ve gotten into financial difficulties and who will continue to be in the clutches of the student loan firms with absolutely no way out of the huge penalties and charges they impose. An example is the 41 year old doctor who was in the news recently. She borrowed $250,000 to finance medical school and today owes $555,000 in student debt, penalties and interest despite having made payments for some years. She has high monthly loan installments, but she will be about seventy years old before her liability is paid off. The direct loan law has unfortunately arrived a bit too late for her.